Island feel-good package for hotel guests

Crossing with the motorboat taxi service (available at all times – night and day)
A rich and varied breakfast buffet featuring fresh produce from selected areas of Austria
4-course evening meal with a salad buffet and a breadboard of selected cheeses (except during the 2019 Harley Davidson gathering period)
Children under 3 years of age are included in the room price of two adults paying the full price (there are exceptions for some packages!)
Free children’s activities and entertainment in July & August
Cosy bathing robes
Use of beach bathing facilities (canopy sun shades, comfy beach chairs, bathing towels) pleasant sauna with direct access to the lake
Free use of the island’s sports facilities which include an artificial grass tennis court and two clay courts, a volleyball court, a basketball court, rowing boats and several other options
Parking on the hotel’s mainland car park for the duration of your stay.
The only island hotel in Austria
An idyllic holiday dwelling on a wonderful traffic-free island in the middle of Austria’s warmest and most southerly lake.
Feel great & recuperate
Families, couples and singles all come here to enjoy the chance to rest and recuperate far away from the bustling crowds and noise of traffic on an island set in the crystal clear water of Lake Faakersee.
Culinary delights by the lake
Out on the hotel patio our guests are treated to delicious regional and international cuisine.