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The history of Austria’s only island hotel

The idyllic island and the crystal clear water of Lake Faakersee have seen several owners over the past centuries, including the Princes of Liechtenstein from 1831, who in 1918 then sold Carinthia’s warmest and most southerly lake and the island to Ludwig Wittgenstein, an uncle of the famous philosopher of the same name.

The estate was ultimately handed down through the generations to the Bucher and Catasta families, who also own Burg Landskron, a castle just 15 km away.
Today the Renaissance period fortress is one of the most frequently visited tourist sights in Carinthia and the venue also hosts knightly banquets, has a new flight arena for trained birds of prey, and lots of other interesting features (

Back to Lake Faakersee!
In the 19th century a farmhouse on a tree-covered island was converted into a guesthouse and quickly became a popular destination for visitors. From 1906 onwards guests were able to enjoy accommodation in ‘very well furnished guest rooms’ in the ‘Wilhelm Schwelle’ hotel and benefitted from access to the boats and the bathing facilities.

Access to the island on the lake continued to be limited to waterborne means of transport as the Villach chronicler Carl Ghon remarked in 1877:

‘Unfortunately, a visit to the island on Lake Faakersee, property of Prince Friedrich of Liechtenstein, is often troublesome due to the lack of boats for tourists. As a result guests wishing to visit the island by boat are expected to inquire by the farmer in Drobolach or go to the edge of the northernmost shore and shout loudly to the inhabitants of the island, who row over as quickly as possible in a well built boat’.

Nowadays it’s no longer necessary to shout for the services of the ferryman. The mooring and telephone in Faak am See guarantee guests on the island a round-the-clock motorboat taxi service; the only motorised boat permitted on the lake! (Day guests visiting the island can use the taxi service from 08.30).

The 4-star Inselhotel on Lake Faakersee offers 35 carefully renovated rooms and is an ideal place for people looking to leave their stress and worries on the mainland.
The island’s idyllic natural surroundings are popular with singles, couples, parents and children alike:
In the months of July and August children can be put into supervision and enjoy authentic island adventures while their parents bask on the hotel’s own private beach in front of the heritage-listed bathhouse built in 1929 – and savour the pleasures of simply BEING.

The only island hotel in Austria
An idyllic holiday dwelling on a wonderful traffic-free island in the middle of Austria’s warmest and most southerly lake.
Feel great & recuperate
Families, couples and singles all come here to enjoy the chance to rest and recuperate far away from the bustling crowds and noise of traffic on an island set in the crystal clear water of Lake Faakersee.
Culinary delights by the lake
Out on the hotel patio our guests are treated to delicious regional and international cuisine.