All kinds of island adventures for kids on Faaker Island

The Inselhotel on Lake Faakersee offers plenty for kids to do in the summer months

Carinthia’s Inselhotel on Lake Faakersee**** is a traffic-free holiday paradise that can only be reached with the motorboat taxi service and is therefore a magical place in the minds of children.

The exclusive island location in the middle of Lake Faakersee is an ideal place for stressed out parents to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, while offering younger guests and those still young-at-heart plenty of island adventures.

In the summer months at Austria’s only island hotel there are all kinds of unusual creatures and characters such as pirates, scientists, adventurers, fairies and pixies – all attracted by the chance to participate – free of charge – in a colourful schedule of activities for children aged 3 and up (except Sundays).

Once a week there’s a special evening meal for children featuring dishes kids love the most.

Daily activities include painting, crafts and lots of exercise out in the fresh air, in natural surroundings and on the lake. From the age of seven upwards children can take part in their own Robinson Crusoe adventures as they explore this richly arboreal, traffic-free island in groups, while also learning something about its flora and fauna.

There are also adventurous treasure hunts on the agenda.

Suddenly Faaker Island becomes ‘Treasure Island’! In teams, each equipped with treasure maps and spades, the adventurers go off hunting hidden treasure. Your kids are given the chance to wear costumes and be made up by the entertainment staff so that they can feel just like Captain Hook from the Peter Pan story, or Captain Jack Sparrow of ‘Pirates of the Caribean’ fame.

For those who prefer a bit more peace there’s nothing better than a picnic in an enchanted corner of the woods.
Just like in the good old days, when the weather’s bad the kids are told local tales and legends, they play party games and have sing-songs – and also have the chance to play ‘Singstar’.

Kids’ activities and entertainment are free in July and August and can be booked as required.

The only island hotel in Austria
An idyllic holiday dwelling on a wonderful traffic-free island in the middle of Austria’s warmest and most southerly lake.
Feel great & recuperate
Families, couples and singles all come here to enjoy the chance to rest and recuperate far away from the bustling crowds and noise of traffic on an island set in the crystal clear water of Lake Faakersee.
Culinary delights by the lake
Out on the hotel patio our guests are treated to delicious regional and international cuisine.