Island bathing beach

The Inselhotel on Lake Faakersee is a paradise for people seeking rest and relaxation, for families and for fans of non-motorised water sports

Families, couples and singles looking to take it easy and recuperate on the island are guaranteed peace and quiet on this traffic-free haven far away from the noise of crowds and roads. The sun chairs on the lawn at the edge of the lake are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the unique beauty of the surrounding mountain scenery.

The bathing house was erected by the Carinthian architect Franz Baumgartner in 1929 and is equipped with a sauna with direct access to the lake. Two professional therapists are stationed in this protected heritage building to look after hotel guests.

Use of the hotel’s car park on the mainland is free of charge.

Conditions are perfect for fans of non-motorised water sports and all the necessary equipment for windsurfing, sailing and boating is available for use.

Tennis players are entitled to free use of the two clay courts and the one artificial grass court; and can also book a trainer for a fee if desired.

Anglers of all classes can try their luck in the calm and quiet waters of the bay.
The only island hotel in Austria
An idyllic holiday dwelling on a wonderful traffic-free island in the middle of Austria’s warmest and most southerly lake.
Feel great & recuperate
Families, couples and singles all come here to enjoy the chance to rest and recuperate far away from the bustling crowds and noise of traffic on an island set in the crystal clear water of Lake Faakersee.
Culinary delights by the lake
Out on the hotel patio our guests are treated to delicious regional and international cuisine.