The perfect place for the right sporting challenge

Here on the island:


Take things at your own pace. Whether you swim breast stroke, flap around on your back or enjoy diving below the surface - remember: It’s your holiday – you have time!

Beach volleyball

‘That’s the way I like it…’ Every year guests and staff have great fun at the beach volleyball competition. If the guests lose they are given jobs in the kitchens as waiters and waitresses. If the members of staff lose they are obliged to sing together for the guests.


Circumnavigate the island at your own pace, or at a speed the wind will allow – on a windsurfing board or a rowing boat!


Enjoy all the peace and quiet required for angling on the island on Lake Faakersee.
Savour the idyllic calm of the bays and marvel at the clarity of water of the very best quality.
The lake covers an area of 234 hectares, exhibiting unspoilt natural banks and rich vegetation on once-submerged land. This is also an excellent habitat for numerous species of fish and, in turn, enables anglers to land the most incredible catches.


Live your holiday dream with all the comforts of a Carinthian golfing vacation unique to this special island. The island is surrounded by no fewer than 13 golf courses in the immediate area.


Enjoy a game of tennis in peace and quiet. There are 2 clay courts and 1 artificial turf court on this idyllic island.
Norbert, our tennis instructor, would be delighted to help you improve your serve.

The only island hotel in Austria
An idyllic holiday dwelling on a wonderful traffic-free island in the middle of Austria’s warmest and most southerly lake.
Feel great & recuperate
Families, couples and singles all come here to enjoy the chance to rest and recuperate far away from the bustling crowds and noise of traffic on an island set in the crystal clear water of Lake Faakersee.
Culinary delights by the lake
Out on the hotel patio our guests are treated to delicious regional and international cuisine.